'Access to honest, quality, locally produced food is a human right' 

Angela Villella,  Si Mangia Foods

Following the success of Mangia! Mangia! cookbooks, Angela instinctively knew there is a  demand for authentic home-made traditional southern Italian foods such as passata, sugo (pasta sauce),  olives, home-made pasta etc. 

With the older generation passing,  Nonna is no longer around to make the annual passata, cure  the 'to die for' olives or bake the much loved almond biscotti that hit the spot. The commercial, mass produced and ethically questionable option is not an option! The yearning for authenticity is a constant. 
We have reached a point in the global food chain, where the  industry replaces quality and taste and in many cases ethics, for profit. The industrial food complex is savaging the environment  and compromising Mother Nature's gift of soulful food. 
So, passionate about keeping food real, Angela set out to fill this void.
Converting her mum's garage in Reservoir, Melbourne (the heart of Melbourne's Italian community ) into a commercial kitchen;  Si Mangia was born.
Together with her mum, Nonna Rosa, Angela makes all Si Mangia products the traditional way. No corners are cut. No additives are used.
Si Mangia winds back the highly processed  food chain to a time when food was, simple, honest and above all, tasty. 
All Si Mangia food products are made Nonna's Way and guarantee a buon appetito!