You've read our books. Now eat the food. Announcing Si Mangia Food Products.

You've read our books. Now eat the food. Announcing Si Mangia Food Products.


 You've read our  books.  Now you can eat the food.

Teresa and I set out to record our southern Italian immigrant food culture, rituals and recipes before our nonni, zii and parents passed away. Our quest gave birth to Mangia! Mangia!, our first book,  followed by Mangia! Mangia! Gatherings (Penguin Lantern).

The books are the beginning of the narrative. Teresa indulged her culinary skills and opened All'antico Trattoria in Heidelburg, Melbourne. I  pursed my  passion for  making
Mangia! Mangia! seasonal foods  - thus Si Mangia Food Products was born. 


So if it is an authentic taste of southern Italy restaurant experience you are after, All'antico Trattoria is the place. Teresa's All'antico is a  warm and welcoming old world epicurean retreat on bustling  Burgundy Street, Heidelberg VIC. Enjoy seasonal food,  inspired by Calabrian tradition.

If it's authentic passata, sugo, olives, conserva di pepperoni and more, where quality and tradition has not been compromised, well then, Si Mangia Food Products are now available. See PRODUCTS 

Teresa and I are  continuing  to rescue our sacred southern Italian immigrant food culture from extinction - we have all basis now covered!

Enjoy it all. Buon Appetito.

Angela Villella



































 For a taste of traditional authentic Southern Italian inspired food Teresa's All'antico is the place. For quality passata,  sugo, olives and more - made just the way we have been making them for generations and no compromising  on quality and process - well then,  Si Mangia products is here.



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